Alhambra’s legislators

The Council meets once a month with public comment towards the end of their sessions, around 7pm. Members of the public have 5 minutes each to address your Council. Be sure to fill out a speaker card and hand it to the secretary when you arrive.  It is against the Brown Act for them to engage in conversation with the public at the time you make a comment or answer any questions you may have, but they may legally ask you simple clarification questions.

Click on your council member to find out more about him or her as it relates to the 710 project.  Don’t know which one is yours? Check here first.





District 1, Stephen K. Sham (mayor)


Messina2  Barbara Messina, District 2





District 3, Gary Yamauchi (vice mayor)






District 4, Stephen Placido






District 5, Luis Ayala


One Response to Alhambra’s legislators

  1. Joe says:

    Stephen K. Sham is known for watching over his election opponent’s campaign lawn signs at 1:00AM.

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