What Alhambrans are saying

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Alhambra Source 2013 Close the Gap poll

Alhambra Source: Readers Oppose 710 Day 

PLEASE NO FWY!! Growing up in So. Pas and now raising my son in Alhambra, I dont want the fwy to destroy the community and the neighborhood that will be a forever memory to our family! There are so many other routes commuters can take! To complete the 710 route would only cause a hardship on the neighborhoods to make this convenient for motorists. Go out of your box and figure out another route!! We dont need this!!!!!”

-Melisa C.

Preserve our neighborhood says the banner on Fremont.  What, by running a tunnel through it!? I’ve lived in other parts of the country, and this is the only city I’ve heard of that wants a freeway in it.  Others know freeways bring more pollution, health problems and lowered property values.   Educate yourselves, citizens of Alhambra, and fight city hall.
–Linda D.
As a resident of L.A. for over 25 years, I’ve watched as the city has struggle with issue of transportation. One thing that everyone that’s ever been to or lived in L.A. can agree on, is that traffic sucks! However, the reason that I, and so many other Angelenos are opposed to “closing the gap” is that the freeway is not for us. Look at any map, you will see that  the 710 is a straight shot from the ports of Los Angeles (San Pedro / Long Beach) to the 210 freeway.
the 710 is a straight shot from the ports You think the 210 is bad now? Think again. Think that these trucks are going to pay the fee to use this 4.5 mile tunnel  and not use the side streets? Think again. Do you think the people you see promoting the 710 at various Alhambra events, especially in the middle of the work day are [Alhambrans]? Think again. The solution is to look to the future! Other cities around the world use modern, efficient methods for transportation of goods. Why can’t we? Why must L.A. continue to be a freeway culture?
-Paris N.

I love my historic neighborhood. A freeway tunnel will lower my property value and I don’t want a dangerous freeway tunnel with no exits and entrances running under my house. My insurance will probably go up, too! Alhambrans won’t even be able to use the freeway – we’ll need to travel south or north to get in the tunnel This tunnel is NOT for us.  We don’t need the 710 freeway – we need a modern solution!

– Mel M.

Caltran and the proponents of the 710 do not care about the greater public interest. Expanding the 710 will not alleviate the long-term problems posed by  increasing commercial truck traffic to and from our ports or commuter traffic in and around Los Angeles. Furthermore, as highlighted by the Sacramento-Bee’s article regarding Caltran’s responsibility in the massive construction problems of the Oakland/Bay Bridge expansion, the agency has demonstrated it cannot effectively manage the costs and safety of such a large construction project nor the long term and potentially catastrophic safety issues associated with a tunnel in a high risk earthquake zone.
– Michael N.
Our youngest member! Hannah L, age 7

Our youngest member! Hannah L.

What about the surrounding communities? The City of Alhambra is one of the few that is in still in support of the 710 extension.


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