What can you do, before it’s too late?


Public outreach

  1. Contact us, contribute your ideas and join us at our next meeting.
  2. Print out one of the letters below and share it with your neighbors.
  3. Find out which district you live in and  contact your city council member, letting him/her know what you think about the 710 Freeway Tunnel option. Here is a sample template to a council member
  4. Write a Letter to the Editor (Alhambra Source, San Gabriel Valley News…)
  5. Attend City Council meetings in downtown Alhambra and speak at public comment before the meeting begins. See schedule here.   Watch a few Alhambrans Against 710 in action. 
  6. Sign the No710 petition.
  7. Connect on Facebook and Instagram.
  8. Put a No710 Sign in your front yard or window. Contact us if you want one.
  9. Wear a No 710 T-shirt around town. Contact us if you want one.

Sample Letters to share with your neighbors and city council: 

Getting ready for South Pas 4th of July Parade

Getting ready for South Pas 4th of July Parade

Get more information: