Freeway dead, now what?

Here we are on Oct 13, 2019 and the Governor of California, Governor Newsom, has signed Senator Portantino’s bill into law!

Read Portantino’s press release.   Meanwhile, in Alhambra, we have a new set of City Councilmembers (Andrade-Stadler, Lee and Maza came were elected in November 2018) and two new seats are coming up for grabs (Maloney’s and Mejia’s) in November 2020…We’ll be following the conversation about the Alhambra stub.


It is now November 2018…we had been waiting 3 years for CalTrans/Metro to decide which option in the EIR they would pick. Decision has been made!

No more 710 Freeway or Tunnel!

Historic moment: Alhambra works with South Pasadena and Pasadena to say goodbye to the 710 freeway connection – and request money!

More to come!

You can get caught up with with the year 2017 from South Pasadena.