How to Write an Effective EIR Comment Letter 


Read the EIR, contact organizations, or search online for articles, studies, and reports that support your comment(s). 

Outline/organize your letter (introduction, comments, conclusion, address, title of project, and attachments)

Decide on the main comment(s) or theme to express in your letter

 Rely on your expertise, experience, and passion

 Look at the Executive Summary’s impact table for environmental categories discussed

Review Appendix G of the State CEQA Guidelines

Set up a schedule to read, gather information, write, and mail letter

 Read strategically only those subsections related to your comments

 Topics to consider:Alternative Description/Environmental Setting/Significance Criteria/Impacts/Mitigation

Visit affected locations or use Google that relates to the comment(s). Even if you know the area, refresh your memory


 Focus on that portion of the environment that will change if the project is built

 Focus on correcting their discrepancies, lapses in logic, lack of evidence, old data, etc.

 Write your letter and be aware of who will read it

 Present your comments in a neutral tone

 Stick to the points and don’t go off topic

 Mention your expertise/experience briefly and include a return address

 State your comment(s) with specifics and include attachments. Ask substantive questions.

Metro will not be required to respond to you if you say whether you want one alternative over another. But it will be required by law to answer substantive questions about how the project would affect your life, business, commute, kids and so on. (710 Extension, KPCC, April 10, 2015)

 Request a written response on your comments prior to certification of the Final EIR and ask to be placed on mailing list to receive notification on future public meetings for this project

 Include this information on your letter so it doesn’t get lost:

State Clearinghouse Number: (SCH#) 1982092310
File number: 07-LA-710 (SR 710)
Caltrans Project No.: EFIS 0700000191 (EA: 187900)
Title: State Route 710 North Study


Mail letter Garrett Damrath, Caltrans District 7, Division of Environmental Planning, 100 S. Main St., MS-16, Los Angeles, CA 90012 and send a copy to Alhambrans Against 710 and our local politicians. Copies are important so that other groups and entities know how many have responded and what they have said, so we can remind the decision-makers and let the press know and so that your letter does not get swept under the rug.

Still not sure? 

See a sample, and read more about sending your comment in.  


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