Responsible Alhambrans Against the 710 is a community organization formed to collect, develop, provide and disseminate accurate information about the 710 extension to the citizens of Alhambra at community meetings, in newspapers, and other public forums.

We are “responsible” in that we are not only against the 710 freeway extension, but are intent on having our council members consider all alternatives, especially environmentally friendly alternatives that reflect 21st century solutions.

We say yes! to light rail for commuters and yes! to heavy rail for freight.

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  1. Tom Williams says:

    We also say yes to the MTA funding of local cities to contract with local contractors and construction workers to to improve the existing streets and capacities. make minor pavement/clearance changes to improve bus/car traffic flows, add accessed to regional transit system at CalStateLA and LACo Medical Center in 2015-20.

    In El Sereno, with 5 MTA bus lines and a DASH bus line we are aiming at no more than 1000ft to any bus transit lines and connecting to MetroLink/SilveLine on South to GoldLine on North, We call it Transmode
    Tom Williams

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