Where does City Council’s interests lie? (Letter sent to CA Transportation Commission)

Will Kempton, Executive Director

California Transportation Commission

1120 N Street, Room 2221 (MS-52)

Sacto,  CA  95814     Will.kempton@dot.ca.gov


Dear Staff

The City of Alhambra has pushed the 710 tunnel on its citizens with their propaganda everywhere710  banners, expensive, disruptive “710 Celebration Days,” and the monthly articles with no documentation of facts in the Chamber of Commerce controlled propaganda rag that pretends to be a newspaper, Around Alhambra.  The Alhambra City Council spent $150,000 in 2014 when they twice closed Fremont to create unbearable gridlock.  They also closed Fremont in 2013 and again in 2015 when they spent tens of thousands each time to again create gridlock for its citizens.  Their incorrect messages are that the tunnel will eradicate the traffic congestion and provide “virgin” air (Messina).  Clearly, the City Council does not have the welfare of its citizens in mind when pushing the 710.  The City never publishes notices regarding issues that affect its citizenry in real newspapers read by the thinking public.

Consequently, at Monday’s Council meeting when they “discussed” the 710 EIR Comment Letter from the city, we coincidentally only had one representative at the meeting to speak against the city’s letter.  One of our members presented facts that demonstrates that the tunnel is a terrible idea for Alhambra because it does not do what our Council says; it does not improve congestion nor air quality in Alhambra. 

Her comments were directly from the EIR referring to the Air Quality Criteria Pollutants Table.  That Table says the air quality is the same for every alternative, including the no build alternative.  She also said the EIR says air quality is determined by location and topography (EIR Finally, she cited the EIR which says, freeway congestion gets worse on the 210 between the 710 and Glendale and the 2 and the 710 south of the 10. Consequently, the only traffic relief will be on the 605 because some commuters will shift to the 710 and take the tunnel instead because it will be more direct for their particular destinations.    Clearly, the facts emphasize that the tunnel is not a good idea for Alhambra.  Commissioners, please consider our comments as representing the people and not our City Council’s position who is selling us off as we will continue to experience our local traffic congestion and suffer the health disbenefits of this supposed regional improvement.  Subjecting a whole segment of the population to these insufferable conditions is criminal for a civilized society.  Our City officials are not serving their constituents.   

Commissioners, please consider the people who live in Alhambra and the horribly negative consequences of having the tunnel.  Do not support the tunnel construction.


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