What are Metro’s 5 Alternatives to a surface freeway?

Check this out: Navigating 710 EIR Info Guide.

1. No Build option that would leave conditions as they are

2. A traffic management system to upgrade and synchronize signals and improvements to local street intersections to more quickly move traffic that exits the dead end freeway.

3. A rapid bus line featuring high frequency service with minimal stops and potentially a dedicated bus lane.

proposed bus route from EIR 2015

This bus route doesn’t connect to any light rail station!












4. Light rail to carry passengers between East Los Angeles and Pasadena.  A light rail option would cost half of the freeway tunnel and take one more year to build according to the EIR.

Light Rail map (EIR)

5. A freeway tunnel that would extend the SR-710 and have ventilator stacks throughout the area.   (Map of Tunnel (from EIR 2015)

  • $5.6 billion to initial estimate to pay for tunnel, according to 2012 CalTrans/Metro; only $716 million raised by a 1-cent tax since 2008.
  • Six 50-foot high ventilator stacks to be built on Colorado Blvd. bridge above 210 connector, 2 blocks from the Norton Simon Museum headed east.  Another structure in El Sereno.
Proposed: Six 50-ft tunnel exhaust stacks at the entrance to Old Town Pasadena

Proposed: Six 50-ft tunnel exhaust stacks at the entrance to Old Town Pasadena



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