“Closing the gap” would help only the truck industry – not us!

Think about it, people! HOW exactly is the tunnel going to ‘alleviate traffic’? The answer is, it wont. 60,000 cars per day, says Caltrans/Metro, will divert from the freeway to AVOID the TOLL. Our side streets will be jammed regardless of the tunnel. Would YOU want to pay $6-15 one way (says Caltrans/Metro) to drive in a tunnel almost 5 miles – and if there’s a traffic jam (c’mon, this is LA – there’s traffic everywhere), you’ll be sitting in a tunnel deep underground with no exits, inhaling diesel fumes. No thanks! Why would there be a toll? Good question! Read about ‘public-private partnerships” on Metro’s news release. “Private sector partners” who have an interest in it have to recoup the cost somehow, hence the toll. Who would these private sector partners be, you ask? Even better question! Metro admits that the 710 tunnel extension is the way to complete the “natural goods corridor” of trucks driving from the port of L.A. in Long Beach to go north.   Well, at least that would get the trucks off our streets, right? WRONG!  When was the last time you saw semi- trucks on Alhambra’s city streets? We don’t have a problem with truck traffic from Long Beach on our streets. The bottom line: Improving public transportation options will get people out of their cars and alleviate the traffic in our town, not a truck tunnel. (Extra credit points for those of you who can answer why would Alhambra’s council members be FOR this in our town! Stay tuned for the answer…) – Mel M.

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