the view of angry commuters - thanks for closing down the street during rush hour for Close the Gap - Gridlock Day 2014

the view of angry commuters – thanks for closing down the street during rush hour for Close the Gap – Gridlock Day 2014

Nee “710 Freeway Day” (see more about Gridlock Day here.)

“The black-ones are the letters,” folks, and surely there must be people in city hall who can read…some may even like to read…

But it has long seemed that nobody there has taken a look at the 1986 General Plan…

The (draft) copy I saw was riddled with contradictions from start to finish, but one well focused section that rang true was a report from CalTrans that predicted that extension of the N-S freeway would create congestion that began 2 miles on either side of the freeway, during commuter hours, on those E-W streets accessing the 710 Freeway extension….

In 1986 and earlier, it was estimated that 30,000 vehicles per day make use of surface streets that would be replaced by an extended freeway, but that traffic volume would increase to some 90,000 vehicles – again, based on 1986 traffic volumes, actual and projected…

Now the “commuter hours” last all day, and population overgrowth has resulted in vastly increased traffic volumes, so someone should contact CalTrans for the new numbers, then do the math.

But if the prediction of daylong gridlock isn’t bad enough

There is the current focus on a tunnel as solution — a tunnel to be excavated through some of the most complex geological formations in all of California.

And if any extension is undertaken, the first work will take place atop the Highland Park Fault, where it crossed Valley Boulevard.

(I’m remembering the Sylmar quake of 1971, which toppled brand new freeway bridges, not yet opened to traffic…)

And If an extended 710 Freeway, even if built without tunnel collapse during excavation or thereafter functioned as smoothly in moving traffic as its supporters now imagine, it would be a totally unique freeway in all of overpopulated Southern California…

James S.

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