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This empty freeway ditch needlessly divides our city, cutting off the Old Pasadena Business District on the east from the Ambassador Auditorium, Maranatha Campus and the rest of West Pasadena. The CPP, a citizen driven initiative, aims to develop a draft Master Plan for this 35 acre strip of land flanking the 710 stub from Union south to California. CPP’s goal is to engage our community to determine how best to revitalize and beautify this dead space.

Multi-mode low build alternative: Residents within the cities of South Pasadena, Pasadena, Alhambra, and El Sereno in Los Angeles claim the Multi-Mode Low Build Alternative is a better strategy to move people and goods in the L.A. Basin than the proposed 710 Freeway North Extension. This preferred plan will create locals jobs, keep neighborhoods intact, and cost considerably less..

The Freight Shuttle was initially designed at the Texas Transportation Institute for the sole purpose of finding a low-emission alternative to moving freight and to relieve congestion created by trucks in heavy freight/travel corridors. The Freight Shuttle moves truck trailers and containers via transporters (think people-movers/monorails) in the medians of highways or other rights-of-way over distances of up to 500 miles on emission-free, electric-powered guideway systems. There is no new “gee whiz” technology involved.  The privately funded Freight Shuttle is based on a patented application of existing technologies. Freight Shuttle International has assembled an impressive team of designers, guideway/bridge builders, transporter engineers and construction contractors to create the first cost-effective, energy efficient, environmentally friendly freight transport system.


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