Let’s take a Victory Lap at 4th of July Festival of Balloons Parade

Calling all No-710’ers in Alhambra!

This is the victory lap for the No 710 Fight. It’s time to honor all the freeway fighters from 1947 to 2017.

When: Tues. July 4, 2017  10am-1pm

Where: 806 Meridian Ave (1 block north of Mission.) Pick up balloons, signs, water and free t-shirts.

About parade: You can walk, bike, skateboard along this approx. 1 mile long parade route.  We will all walk together to celebrate the amazing work of the No 710 freeway fighters and the community.

Post-parade lunch celebration: El Super Burrito is a hosting taco lunch, and there will be margaritas and cold drinks.  Meet back at 806 Meridian Avenue.

Don't tunnel our town

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